Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Think I Love You

by Allison Pearson

Obviously, this is a novel about David Cassidy; mainly, it is about the worship of him in his teen idol days. Even my husband could deduce that from the cover of this book.

1974: Petra and Sharon are thirteen years old and the most devout DC fans in Wales. Petra is our narrator: gawky, seriously talented at playing the cello, and dominated by her German mother. Sharon is her happy-go-lucky gal pal. The Ultimate David Cassidy Quiz is their project; the opportunity to meet DC will be their prize. If only they can demonstrate their true devotion to their idol. . .

1998: Petra is all grown up and mourning the loss of her mother. In her mother’s closet, Petra discovers a letter she has never seen. It is the letter notifying her of her DC quiz victory. And then all of her teen dreams come back to her. . .

I really, really, really wanted to like this novel. Really. I got excited when I saw an ad for it in the New York Times. I told my sister about it. I alerted my sister to its sale price at Target.

This book is the perfect book for my sister, Maureen. She pored over Tiger Beat, she watched The Partridge Family, and she owned the I Love David pennant.

Not me. I never had a teen idol, and I cannot relate to Petra and Sharon. And this story? It’s kinda draggy, as my hubby would say. Very, very draggy.

The characters aren’t that interesting, the setting isn’t familiar, and there is very little action in this novel. I found this to be quite disappointing, but I finished it so that I could compare notes with my sister.


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