Saturday, April 09, 2011

Just as Long as We're Together

by Judy Blume

Rachel and Stephanie are best friends and have been so since the 2nd grade. Now they’re preparing to enter 7th grade, and nothing can come between them, or so they think. Alison moves into their neighborhood just before school starts, and she and Steph become fast friends. Of course, the girls include Rachel in their friendship; for a while, the girls make quite a trio.

But it can’t stay that way forever; most relationships don’t. Just ask Steph, whose parents are separating. With all of the upheaval at home, she definitely doesn’t need stress in the friend department. In fact, she needs her friends more than she’s ever needed them.

This is a sweet and realistic tale of friendship. It also emphasizes the painful pressure of divorce. As always, Blume nails it. She understands the finer points of friendship, as well as the difficulties of children coping with divorce.


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