Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swept Off Her Feet

by Hester Browne

Evangeline “Evie” Nicholson is an antiques appraiser in London. She loves her job, but she’s really not so good at it. Why? Because she loves old things. All old things. She attaches sentimental value to nearly every item she sees.

Evie is given the opportunity to visit a Scottish castle and appraise its contents. Evie’s thrilled by the prospect—the romance! But she’s also feeling a lot of pressure: she must find something spectacular, if she wants her boss (and herself) to stay in business.

Evie quickly finds her hands full: the place is stuffed with all sorts of goodies. And the longer she stays at the castle, the more entangled she becomes in the affairs of the McAndrew family, including the annual ball.

Full of Scottish reels and romantic mementos, this novel is a pure delight. Loved it!


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