Tuesday, April 26, 2011

These Things Hidden

by Heather Gudenkauf

Could. Not. Stop. Reading. This.

Allison Glenn has just been released from prison. She was just a teenager when she was arrested for a heinous crime. Now she’s free and living in a halfway house and hoping for a second chance at life.

Claire owns a bookstore. She is married to Jonathan, and they have adopted a son, Joshua. Joshua is now old enough to start school, but Claire’s not sure that she’s ready to let go.

Brynn is Allison’s sister. She hasn’t seen or spoken to Allison since Allison was arrested 5 years ago. Allison wants to reconnect with Brynn, but Brynn is steady in her refusal to associate with her sister.

Charm is a nursing student who frequents Claire’s bookstore. She is also taking care of her mother’s dying ex.

What links these women together? How many secrets can one family keep? Read and find out. And prepare to read it all in one day.


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