Tuesday, June 07, 2011


by Megan McCafferty

This is a way cool dystopic YA novel that tackles the topic of reproduction. The world of Bumped is a world in which reproduction occurs among teenagers, as a virus has rendered their elders unable to procreate.

Melody Mayflower is a “pro,” a 16-year-old who will be paid big bucks to be a surrogate mother. She’s holding out while her agent finds someone to father the very lucrative bump.

Meanwhile, Melody’s twin sister, Harmony, has just contacted Melody. The twins were separated at birth and have been raised in completely different environments.

The twins meet for the first time, worlds collide, and the twins, despite their different lives, are even more similar than anyone could imagine.

I loved this book! I love the slang created for it—very original and catchy.

My only criticism: Bumped has been written as the first book in a series, which gets in the way of a good, solid conclusion to the novel. I hate when that happens. I need some closure.


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