Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Grand Sophy

by Georgette Heyer

The household of Lord and Lady Ombersley is in disarray: debts have been incurred, their daughter, Cecilia, needs to get married, their son, Hubert, is engaging in questionable behavior, and their eldest, Charles, is betrothed to a not so desirable woman. All of this comes to a head when Lady O's niece, Sophy, comes to visit.

With her father out of the country, Sophy is determined to make herself useful and find a suitable match for Cecilia. With more spunk than all of London, Sophy shakes up the household and makes everyone reconsider their love lives.

This is charming and humorous, but not very easy to read. The language used by Ms. Heyer makes it more of a challenge than a pleasure to read.


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