Wednesday, September 14, 2011

American Assassin

by Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn has written several thrillers featuring CIA superagent, Mitch Rapp. In his latest, he takes the reader back in time and tells the story of how Rapp's career began. After all, aren't we all wondering how one man can be so motivated to kill for his country?

So, Mitch is not your average recruit. He did not serve in the armed forces. But he is athletic. And he is a helluva fighter. His motivation: the loss of his love in the Pan Am Lockerbie terrorist attack. Mitch will do anything, and I mean anything, in the name of retribution.

We follow Mitch through his training, his first kill, and his first daring mission in Beirut.

I enjoyed the fast pace of this thriller. While I won't be tempted to read another novel by Flynn, I now understand why readers might find his work to be appealing. I, for one, enjoy more attention to characters, setting, dialogue, and use of language. But that's just me!


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