Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daughters of the Revolution

by Carolyn Cooke

Let me begin by stating that this novel is not what the review described it as, nor is it what the blurb on the dust jacket portrayed it to be.

First, and foremost, this is more of a collection of interconnected stories than a novel.

Our stories begin with the tragic drowning of Heck Hellman--husband, father, medical student, and graduate of Goode School in the town of Cape Wilde.

What follows are the stories of Heck's daughter, EV, and wife, Mei-Mei, Goddard Byrd, the head of Goode School, and Carol, the first African American female admitted to Goode.

While some of the interludes are interesting, there are really no compelling characters in this "novel." And when I finished reading this, I felt sort of empty.


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