Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Great Brain

by John D. Fitzgerald

I loved this series when I was a kid. We actually read this novel in 6th grade reading class, long after I had read the entire series.

The Great Brain refers to Tom D. Fitzgerald, the scheming older brother of John D. "JD" Fitzgerald. JD is our narrator, and he tells the tales of the Great Brain's adventures.

The year is 1896 in Adenville, Utah, and the Fitzgerald boys are up to their necks in excitement. From the installation of a water closet to the arrival of a Greek immigrant boy, the boys are learning life lessons.

I have to admit that I remembered very little of this first entry in the series. I kind of think that it may be one of the weaker titles. My favorite novel is The Great Brain at the Academy (#4). Check it out.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy this novel. I had forgotten how historical and wholesome this series is. And it's funny to read this now, as an adult who knows a little bit more about Utah and Mormons than the sixth grade reading class at Thomas Junior High School.

While I wasn't enchanted by this novel, I did appreciate it. I especially love the illustrations by Mercer Mayer. They are amazing.


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