Friday, October 07, 2011

Last Bus to Woodstock

by Colin Dexter

This is the first Inspector Morse mystery!

On September 29, two young women hitched a ride to Woodstock. That night, one of those women is found raped and murdered. The other woman? She has yet to come forward with any information about that fateful evening.

Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis have few leads and fewer witnesses. How will they find the person who killed Sylvia Kaye?

I’m hooked on the PBS series, Inspector Lewis, which is inspired by the Morse novels. If this first novel is representative of the rest of the series, I’m surprised that anyone would pay any attention to Morse. I did not get a clear picture of Morse and Lewis, and I certainly didn’t get a good sense of place (Woodstock and Oxford). I was really disappointed by this mystery.


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