Friday, October 07, 2011

The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society

by Beth Pattillo

When spinster librarian Eugenie introduces young rebel Hannah to the knit lit society, she’s hoping to effect a change in the girl.

Here’s our knit lit society:
• Esther, the town queen: well married, well-coiffed, and always striving to appear perfect;
• Ruthie, Esther’s sister: the church secretary with a big ol’ secret;
• Camille, the young one: the daughter who is taking care of her mother and her mother’s dress shop; and
• Merry, the perfect wife: perfectly frazzled, that is.

Together the women read childhood classics (for the benefit of Hannah) and knit something appropriate to accompany the literary selection. Each member of the society is faced with challenges. Not surprisingly, these challenges can be overcome when they surround themselves with good friends. This is very sweet and wholesome, but not overly happy or corny.


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