Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Red Heart

by James Alexander Thom

The time: November 1778
The place: Valley of the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
The action: Five-year-old Frances Slocum, a Quaker, is kidnapped by three Delaware warriors.

What follows: an account of Frances’s life, as she grows up with various tribes. Occasionally, readers get a glimpse of the Slocum family and their never-ending quest to find Frances.

I really do not have anything nice to say about this novel. The story is boring, the characterizations are flimsy, and the writing is poor. How does the author let us know that the Slocums are Quakers? They say “thee” a lot. And when writing of the Indians, there is a great emphasis on bodily functions. Why?

The worst part: this novel is way too long. And I will never get back all of the time I wasted while reading this.


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