Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Redbreast

by Jo Nesbø

Detective Harry Hole has made a blunder and has now been reassigned to more mundane tasks at work. While monitoring neo-Nazi activities in Oslo, Harry stumbles upon a dark mystery with roots in the past. In fact, this mystery goes back to World War II and Norwegians fighting on the same side as the Nazis.

Romance, murder, and corrupt law enforcement officials tangle together for a unique and complex mystery/thriller. Just watch out: when the past and present converge, it won’t be pretty!

I like Harry Hole, and I like the complexity of the author’s plotting, but I’m not so crazy about this novel. The plot is too complex, and it’s very difficult to keep track of the characters and their kooky Norwegian names.

While The Redbreast is not nearly as good as The Snowman, I would definitely read another novel by Nesbø.


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