Sunday, January 01, 2012

This is Herman Cain: My Journey to the White House

by Herman Cain

Let me begin by saying that I am intrigued by Herman Cain. He is smart, successful, and extremely charismatic. So, in the interest of being an informed voter, I checked out this library book.

In my opinion, this is a memoir from Cain meant to be read by the people. By that, I mean to say that it is written at a junior high student’s reading level. Nothing difficult, nothing sophisticated.

That being said, it is a nice recap of Cain’s life so far. He grew up in the South and did not have much. But he did have something: goals. He went to college, was a mathematician for the US Navy, and earned a graduate degree in computer science. He has worked for many well-known corporations and is most famously known for his stint as president of Godfather’s Pizza (yum).

He has achieved a high level of success in the business world and would now like to take his experience to Washington, DC. I cannot blame him for trying!


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