Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Borrower

by Rebecca Makkai

This sounded like it could have been a great book. Could have been, but was not.

In a nutshell: Lucy Hull is the 26-year-old head children’s librarian at Hannibal, MO’s public library. She’s got a favorite patron, Ian Drake, whose parents are quite restrictive when it comes to his borrowing choices. Predictably, Lucy sneaks the contraband books to Ian.

Then one day, Ian becomes more than a patron. He runs away to the library, and with Lucy, embarks on a 10-day road trip.

This sounded promising when I read the blurb on the dust jacket. In truth, this novel is not so great. I’m not sure that the author actually knows any librarians. No librarian would ever do what Lucy does. As I said, this could have been good, but it was not.


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