Saturday, February 04, 2012

Naughty in Nice

by Rhys Bowen

Lady Georgiana Rannoch returns for a fifth entry in the Royal Spyness series. Thank heavens! As our story begins, Georgie’s feeling a bit down: the weather is cold and bleak, and life at home is even worse. Her brother, Binky, and his wife, Fig, have taken up residence with Georgie in London. What’s a girl to do?

Everything changes when Fig and Binky announce that they’re going to the French Riviera. The weather will be good for Fig’s condition. Georgie would love to go, but how can she finagle a ticket to Nice?

Enter HRM and a new assignment: travel to Nice to retrieve HRM’s snuffbox from Sir Toby Groper (yes, the name is eponymous). The fun begins on the train to Nice, and the intrigue begins almost as quickly. Murder, theft, and Coco Chanel make for another delightful and frothy entry in this series.

Fashionable and fun!


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