Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Sky, Black Ice

by Stan Jones

Meet State Trooper Nathan Active, our sleuth and a very conflicted man.  He is currently working in the small Inupiat village of Chukchi, while longing for transfer to Anchorage.  You see, Nathan,an Inupiat, was raised by white people.  With this upbringing, many natives do not trust him.  And he does not feel like he really belongs in Chukchi, even though he was born there.

Anyway, two gun-related deaths in one week raise even the dullest person's suspicions in Chukchi.  Made to look like suicides, the deaths of George Wilson and Aaron Stone are most definitely not self-inflicted.  It is up to Nathan to find the link between the two men and prevent any more murders.

Good setting, good sleuth, good read!


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