Friday, August 31, 2012

Münster’s Case

by Håkan Nesser

This is the 6th entry in the Van Veeteren series. I have contended that this series is plot, rather than character-driven, and that is why I enjoy this series. This latest novel, however, has changed my opinion of this series.

Van Veeteren really is the heart and soul of this series. How do I know? This novel does not feature the venerable Chief Inspector and suffers dearly for it.

Briefly: Waldemar Leverkuhn is a man with little joy in his life. When he and his three friends win the lottery, there is, for a moment, sunshine in his bleak existence. Though the friends are able to celebrate their winnings, their celebration is short-lived. After returning home that night, Leverkuhn is stabbed to death. And then, just as mysteriously, one of his other lottery-winning pals disappears.

It is up to Intendent Münster and Ewa Moreno to find the killer. Obviously, they are not quite up to the task. And yes, they have to consult Van Veeteren.

I missed VV’s mental processes in solving the mystery. I missed his drinking. And I missed him playing badminton. Hopefully, Van Veeteren will be returning to the force because he is sorely needed!


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