Friday, September 21, 2012

Dare Me

by Megan Abbott

Addy Hanlon has always played second fiddle to her bestie (and frenemy), Beth Cassidy. As the trusted lieutenant to the cheer squad’s captain, Addy is protected by Beth. Together, they rule the squad.

Everything changes when a new cheer coach is hired. Colette “Coach” French stands to interfere with everything, including the complex relationship between these two teens. Coach is serious about cheering, and the squad makes the leap from pom pom shaking to sky high stunts. As the squad morphs into a cheer army (lean, mean cheering machine), something else happens—Addy finds herself drawn from Beth to Coach.

When the squad is suddenly drawn into a suicide investigation, tensions between Addy and Beth reach an all-time high. Suddenly, Addy finds herself torn between two women and afraid to lose either one.

Fast-paced and fascinating. Loved it.


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