Friday, September 21, 2012


by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

New York’s Museum of Natural History sets the stage for this fast-paced novel of mystery and terror. The museum is preparing for the opening of its new (and controversial) exhibit, Superstition. Scientists and museum administrators are equally excited about the exhibit. Heck, there’s even a journalist at the museum, and he’s working on a book about the museum.

Excitement soon turns to terror when two young boys are killed at the museum, eviscerated by someone or something. Suddenly, the opening of Superstition is threatened.

So, you can probably guess the rest: the museum’s monster is unleashed at the fancy opening of the very creepy Superstition exhibit. Chaos ensues.

Just because the plot is predictable doesn’t mean the story is bad. This novel is a great roller coaster ride from start to finish. Highly entertaining!


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