Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Island of Lost Girls

by Jennifer McMahon

June 2006:  Rhonda Farr cannot believe what she has just seen:  Ernestine "Ernie" Florucci has just been abducted by a rabbit.  Well, a person dressed in a rabbit suit.

Flashback to 1993:  Rhonda recalls an Easter in which a friend's father dressed up in a rabbit suit.

Wracked with guilt for not saving Ernie, Rhonda is determined to find the girl.  As she collects clues, she is reminded of the summer of '93 and her good friends, Peter and Lizzy. 

That summer was eventful for Rhonda and her friends, and it continues to haunt all involved.

Can Rhonda find Ernie before it is too late?  Can she see past all of her obsessions and prejudices?  Can she redeem herself, or will she forever be the witness who did nothing to save a child?

This is a fascinating and engrossing novel, though I was less than impressed with the solution to our mystery.  Still, this is the second really good suspense novel that I've read by this author.  I'll definitely try another one.


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