Tuesday, April 01, 2014


by Marie Lu

Here is yet another dystopic novel for young adults.  Also not surprising?  It is the first novel in a trilogy.

What is surprising is Lu's inattention to detail.  Our story takes place in a dystopia, The Republic, but there is no real description of this world.  It is clearly the US in the future, but the detail ends there. 

And then there are our characters:  Day and June.  Day is the bad boy rebel--the Republic's most wanted.  June is the good girl and prodigy.  The government loves to exploit her genius.

When June's brother, Metias, is killed, June pursues Day, believing that he is the killer.  But when the two meet and actually connect with one another, there is true conflict in June's heart.  How can she be attracted to the boy who killed her brother?  And why does Day want to kiss this government darling when the government has done nothing but hurt his family?

As Day's execution day looms, June is confronted with disturbing facts about the government.  Can she save the one she loves from the evil Republic?

This is really, really predictable.  Bland characters, non-existent setting, and really pathetic plotting weigh down this novel.  It is hard to believe that someone published this.  There are many books in this genre that are much better than this one.  Many.


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