Monday, June 30, 2014

The Divorce Papers

by Susan Rieger

Told in epistolary form, this is the story of the first divorce handled by a lawyer. What’s the catch? 29-year-old Sophie Diehl is a criminal law associate who has no interest in handling a divorce case. In fact, she still hasn’t recovered from her parents’ divorce.

Because all of the firm’s divorce lawyers are unavailable, Sophie is assigned to the intake interview for Maria “Mia” Meiklejohn Durkheim. Of course, Mia likes Sophie too much to allow another lawyer to handle the actual divorce. This is where the fun begins. . .

Lots of money, custody of a child, and a complicated relationship between Mia and her spouse make for a sticky and highly complex divorce case. As Sophie learns about divorce law and negotiates a settlement, readers learn along with her and are treated to highly amusing correspondence from Mia.

As a reader who is neither a lawyer nor divorced, I found this quite amusing and enjoyable.


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