Monday, June 30, 2014

The Wives of Henry Oades

by Johanna Moran

Henry Oades is married and has two children with his wife, Margaret, when he is assigned to a post in New Zealand. The year is 1890, and neither Mr. nor Mrs. Oades has the slightest idea of what exactly to expect.

Two years later, the Oades receive the shock of their lives: Margaret and the children are abducted by members of the Maori tribe. Their house is burned to the ground, and Margaret’s friend, Mim, is killed. When Henry finds the remains, he is devastated. He suffers greatly, and he struggles to live again.

After he finally accepts the idea of never seeing his family again, Henry moves to California to start a new life. Shortly after marrying again, Henry receives the surprise of his life: Margaret and the children are still alive.

What follows is the struggle for each member of the family to accept the new situation. Moreover, there is conflict in the community when they discover Henry’s bigamy.

Very interesting. I only wish that the ending had been more satisfying. Still, a very engrossing read.


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