Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Heiresses

by Sara Shepard

The Saybrook family is known for two reasons: the diamond business and the curse. The former is self-explanatory, and, well, so is the latter.

Anyway, here are the young women who are the heiresses to the Saybrook fortune:

• Corinne, the good girl, who is preparing to marry into oil money,
• Poppy, the most successful Saybrook female within the company and wife and mother of two,
• Aster, the misfit, who really is a do-nothing heiress, and
• Rowan, the hard-working, single heiress.

When Poppy mysteriously jumps from her office window, no one is more surprised than the Saybrooks. Suicide? It couldn’t be. Is it the curse? Or was Poppy pushed?

As the sisters and Cousin Natasha seek answers, they learn more family secrets than one could wish to know.

Designer clothing + scandal + family jewels = The Heiresses

A frothy beach read, nothing more.


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