Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bennington Girls are Easy

by Charlotte Silver

Cassandra and Sylvie were friends even before they went to Bennington. Their time at the artsy-fartsy liberal arts college only solidified their already strong bond.

But what happens when the two are faced with reality after college graduation?

Neither young woman has the connections or trust funds that belong to so many of their former classmates. Sylvie is determined to live in NYC, and somehow, she manages to do it. Cassandra prefers Boston, but Sylvie finally persuades her friend to make the move to NYC.

The city, as both Sylvie and Cassandra learn, is a tough place to live. Fortunes change and reverse for the two women. The city, it seems, is the ultimate test of friendship.

I enjoyed the setting of this novel, as well as the characters. Sylvie’s kooky money-making schemes and issues are amusing, and Cassandra’s woes as Sylvie’s friend are very real and relatable.


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