Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Luckiest Girl Alive

by Jessica Knoll

Ani FaNelli has an enviable life: great job at a magazine, fancy clothes, and even a rich fiancé. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, Ani could. Because she hasn’t always been attractive and successful Ani. Oh no! Once upon a time, she was TifAni FaNelli, the new girl at Bradley. She was the less than attractive, not quite wealthy enough new girl at a very exclusive school. Additionally, she survived something horrific during her time at Bradley, though you’ll have to read to find out just what that was.

Yep, you’ll have to read at least 200 pages to find out what is haunting this seemingly perfect twenty-something. And once you find out what happened to Ani, you will know why she is the luckiest girl alive.

I liked this story. I liked the “then and now” approach, and I was very keen to find out what incident was haunting Ani. What I did not like was her silly name. Ani? Really? The funky spelling of her first and last names is really annoying to read. Otherwise, I highly recommend this.


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