Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Perfect Little Ladies

by Abby Drake

“The housewives of Westchester County have a lot to hide!”

Oh, if only! I find it hard to believe that Ms. Drake knows anything about the housewives of Westchester. I chose this novel based on the above tagline, and I did not detect any true references to the county in which I live, much less NYC.

Briefly: Elinor is being blackmailed. Someone has discovered her elicit relationship with a politician. Now, at the worst time possible, right before her only son’s wedding, Elinor is faced with the blackmail crisis. It is up to her, her twin sister, and friends to find the blackmailer before Elinor is $500,000 poorer and without a husband.

This is poorly written and just plain dumb. It is not even worth the fifty cents I paid for it.


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