Monday, June 30, 2014


by Lois Lowry

In this third novel of The Giver quartet, we revisit Matty, Kira’s little friend from Gathering Blue. He is living in Village with Seer, the blind man who is also Kira’s father.

Matty has grown a bit and has been living in Village for six years. Village is a good place to live, but it has secrets. Also, some of the residents want to close Village off to newcomers.

Matty’s job is to convince Kira to come and live with her father, as it will likely be her last chance to enter Village. Matty’s journey through the Forest will be long and dangerous. Can the young man reunite his friend and her father?

This is a really absorbing sequel to Gathering Blue. It is also satisfying in its connection to The Giver. But the ending? Arrgh!


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