Monday, June 30, 2014

The Ghost Apple

by Aaron Thier

With a self-serve pudding bar in every dining hall and courses like HIST 215/How to Make a Grapefruit: An Introduction to Atlantic History, Tripoli College is hardly an institution of academic achievement. No it is a college attended by students who were not admitted to their first choice of colleges.

And the faculty? Yikes!

Anyway, the school faces financial troubles and teams up with corporate America to stay afloat. Snack food giant Big Anna Brands comes to Tripoli’s rescue, but at a very high price: slavery.

Yep, that’s right—students who choose to attend Tripoli’s campus on the island of St. Renard for the “field studies” program are enslaved. How else can the sugar cane be harvested?

Told by various points of view, this humorous novel sends up academia, as well as globalization. Thier has a unique style that will entertain readers.


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